NEET PG 2024
Rapid Revision

NEET PG 2024

120 Days Rapid Revision

  • In this batch, Dr. Murali Bharadwaz Sir will cover the discussion of 10000 MCQs from 1200 Most High Yield Topics, Integrated Clinical Case MCQs, and Previous Year Questions (PYQs) along with a detailed explanation.
  • The batch is for 4 months (120 Days) and Access to Video Library , Question Bank will be added in the batch. The classes will be conducted in English.
  • Every day, there is a Subject wise Daily Test with 100 MCQs online.
  • There is Schedule of Subject wise Tests from Monday to Saturday and Full Scale NEETPG Grand Test on Sunday.
  • The test is Taken online and Discussion is both online and Offline.
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NEETPG 2024 Coaching Classes 120 Day Rapid Revision Crash Course Schedule
Batch 3 : Nov 1,2023 – Feb 28,2024
Fee: INR 20,000
  • For NEET PG 2024 aspirants, rapid revision is key to success. While online videos are valuable, an effective strategy involves thorough Anatomy, Biochemistry, and Physiology review. For best results, community learning is beneficial; join a NEET PG community to share insights and resources. However, are videos alone enough for subjects like Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, and Surgery?
  • In the realm of Biochem, quick FMT, Micro, and Pharmacology sessions are indispensable. Forensic Medicine, Gynecology, Hematology, and Pediatrics demand a comprehensive approach. Don't neglect PSM and Psychiatry, as they contribute significantly to NEETPG scores.
  • Anesthesia and Radiology necessitate in-depth understanding. Engage with high-yield Pathology content for a solid foundation. OB-GYN, along with Medicine, requires meticulous study. Remember, a NEET PG journey involves thorough revision, not just once but consistently. Utilize 2024 wisely, striking a balance between videos and traditional study methods for a well-rounded approach. Ortho and SPM are equally important, warranting dedicated attention.