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NEETPG 2024 Coaching
  • 100 Days Daily Live Class Subject wise Mock Test and Live Offline/Online Discussion
  • 20 Full Scale Grand Tests and Live Offline/Online Discussion
  • 40000 MCQ NEETPG PYQ Practice Question Bank
  • Video Library of 600 Hours Lecture
  • 1200 Pages Notes -3 Spiral Bound Books
  • Fee Rs 30000 – 1 Year Subscription

Daily Live Class Mock Test and Discussion

  • Daily NEETPG Subject wise Test Discussion of 100 MCQs from Monday to Saturday 7 am - 9 am.
  • Total 10000 Most High Yield MCQs PYQs discussed in 100 Days
  • Weekly NEETPG Full Scale Grand test and Discussion on Sunday 10 am - 1 pm .
  • Every 120 Days a Crash Course Cycle is completed with 100 NEETPG Subject wise Tests and 20 NEETPG Full Scale Grand Tests
  • Cycle 1 March 1 - June 30
  • Cycle 2 July 1 - Oct 30
  • Cycle 3 Nov 1 - Feb 28

40000 MCQ Question Bank

  • A well researched Question Bank for Practice based on Previous Year Questions (PYQs) encompassing 60% clinical vignette based questions, 30% logical reasoning-based queries, and 10% Fact based one-liners.
  • Search functionality help to get all Questions and High Yield Fact Notes Flash cards on any Topic Key word in one place
  • Topic wise analysis of Weakenss and Strength for exam prepares you to judiciously use your time and brings Focus.
  • Designed in harmony with the evolving exam pattern for optimal preparation.
Recorded Video Library for Quick Revision
  • 5000 Short Videos of 3-5 minute duration corresponding to the Concepts Paragraph wise in 1200 Pages High Yield Topic Notes in 3 Spiral Bound Notes that is couriered to you.
  • 50000 Clinical Vignette based concepts and High Yield Facts that are most tested in NEETPG 2024 Exam
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6 Reasons : How Score Learning App for NEETPG Coaching make you NEETPG Topper with Just 200 Hours Preparation
  • Concept-Driven NEETPG Coaching
    Engage in concept-based learning with Score Learning App MCQs and Videos, where the content is meticulously structured to ensure a profound understanding of crucial concepts before delving into specific facts. Emphasizing high-yield topics and recurrent MCQs, our approach aims to fortify your grasp on essential subject matter for a more comprehensive learning experience
  • THINK GUESS SOLVE MCQs instead of Passively MUGGING them
    As the examinations are conducted in a computer-based format, practicing multiple-choice questions (MCQs) becomes imperative. This practice enhances your ability for educated guessing, enabling you to approach uncertain questions more effectively, particularly in situations involving negative marking.
  • AI Powered Error Free Question Bank with Detailed Explanations
    Each piece of content on Score Learning App undergoes peer review and based on most recent editions of standard textbooks. Furthermore, our Subject Matter Experts and NEETPG Toppers subject them to several layers of rigorous evaluation to ensure absolute precision, leaving no space for inaccuracies.
  • 26 Years of our Experience in Coaching 3 Lakh Doctors guarantees your Success
    Score Learning App Test Series replicates the actual exam conditions, ensuring that you face no unexpected challenges on the significant day. All multiple-choice questions (MCQs) have a significantly high probability, acquainting you with the authentic question patterns.
  • Retain 70% more of what you read with Active Recall and Spaced repetition on Score Leaning App
    Our modules incorporate the Spaced Repetition technique, a proven learning method that enhances memory retention. A study involving 20000 students revealed that the group utilizing Score Learning App for topic study exhibited significantly improved performance.
  • India’s Number 1 Question Bank of PYQs and Clinical Vignette based MCQs for NEETPG 2024
    The Score Learning App QBank comprises MCQs organized by topic, encompassing high-yield and recurrent questions. Regular reviews are conducted to align with the current exam patterns, incorporating the latest questions and trends. The annually revised QBank now features 60% clinical Vignette based questions across all subjects. Additionally, we are streamlining the QBank by condensing the volume of explanations, facilitating timely completion and allowing ample rounds of revision.

NEETPG 2024 Coaching Classes 120 Day Crash Course Schedule

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NEETPG 2024 Coaching Classes 100 Day Crash Course

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Dr. Murali Bharadwaz

MD General Medicine (NIMS)

General Physician

26 yrs Experience in NEET PG Online Coaching

  • Take NEETPG Mock Test Online Free to know your weak areas
  • Free Grand Tests for NEET PG with Predictive Ranking
  • 10000 NEETPG Practice Questions
  • 100 Hour NEETPG Crash Preparation Schedule
  • Regular NEETPG Classes Online
  • Best Coaching for NEETPG Preparation Online
  • Every Test and Discussion for NEET PG improves your Score
  • Attend MBBS Online Classes and prepare from First Year
  • MBBS 1st year online classes in Anatomy , Physiology, Biochemistry with Clinical Approach
  • Your NEETPG preparation time drastically reduced by practising repeated Questions
  • Cracking NEETPG is guaranteed by mastering 1100 High Yield Topics
  • 100% Strike rate from our NEETPG Model Papers
  • Personalised Schedule for NEETPG Preparation provided
  • MBBS, Kakatiya Medical College Warangal 1991-1997
  • MD General Medicine, Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences 2001 -2004
Medical Professor
  • Visiting Professor of General Medicine to MediCity Medical College.
  • Trained Clinical Medicine to thousands of MD General Medicine Postgraduates.
  • 26 Years experience as MD General Medicine, Physician at Idea Clinics Madhapur, Kondapur, Kukatpally
  • Delivered Home Healthcare to Elderly Bedridden Patients at Home
Medical Educationist
  • Medical Teacher. Gave Coaching to PG Medical Entrance Exam to 200,000 (2 Lakh Medical Students) across India
  • Created YouTube Channel and Score Learning App and provided Medical Lectures for thousands of Medical Students
  • Discover the best coaching for NEET PG at our Centers, blending online and face-to-face classes. Led by Dr. Murali Bharadwaj, our live sessions cover courses with revision of all 19 Subjects including Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Surgery, Medicine, Obstetrics, Gynaecology. Whether online or offline, our coaching institute is the best in India, ensuring top-notch training for individual needs.
  • With centers in Hyderabad and Vijayawada, our coaching classes are near you. Experience the next level of PG medical coaching with our app, offering video lectures and residential options. Enroll now for the best course, where coaching is synonymous with excellence.
  • Prepare for NEET PG with the best - The Best Institute. Our coaching for medical entrance exams includes AIIMS, INICET, NEXT, FMGE, NEETPG and offers the best preparation with top-notch coaching classes. Our coaching institute provides the best courses for NEET PG, blending individual attention with live classes. Choose our coaching for NEETPG in India, and experience the best platform for medical entrance coaching. Explore the best coaching institute for PG medical courses and discover the top training with video lectures and live classes.
  • Our coaching centers are strategically located in Hyderabad and Vijayawada, ensuring convenient access for students. Join the best coaching for medical entrance exams and embark on a journey of success.